Transportation Options during Umrah

5 Best Transportation Options during Umrah

Saudi Arabia is a land of Islamic traditions and pious cities. Every Muslim craves to visit this country once in a lifetime. If you have been selected to perform Umrah, you must be looking for detailed insights into traveling and performing your Umrah. 

During Umrah, when pilgrims land in Jeddah, choosing the right transport mode to provide comfortable traveling and an economical budget becomes crucial. To avoid all this congestion, you must be worried about how to choose the best transportation options. 

Well, in this guide you will get to know all modes of umrah transport according to your needs and budget.

Top umrah transportation options

In Saudi Arabia, a vast range of transport options is available for umrah. Whether you want to travel from the Airport to Mecca or Medina hotels or explore beautiful insights of Saudi Arabia during your Umrah. if you plan to go on umrah you can visit top place to visit in medina.

Traveling via Taxi for umrah journey

Taxis are one of the most comfortable and economical modes of transport available outside the Hajj terminal. Taxi drivers mostly charge an average of 200 to 400 SR depending on traffic and the traveling destination of the customers, but you can negotiate the charges with your taxi driver.

Taxis are also advantageous as they provide pick-and-drop from your doorsteps. Opting for a taxi service, you can travel from Jeddah Airport to Mecca Hotels, Mecca Hotel to Medina, Jeddah Airport to Medina, and many other pious sites to select before your ride.  In this regard, hire licensed drivers rather than unlicensed drivers; although they charge more, they offer safe traveling when unlicensed drivers speed up on motorways.

Uber and Cream,  Ride-Hailing Apps

Many ride-hailing services like Uber and Cream Apps are available within Makah and Medina. Although they are a little pricey but you can travel to any of your destined locations. For example, if you want to visit Masjid Kuba, the Uber/Cream driver will take you there just after booking your ride.

These ride-hailing apps charge according to the travel distance, but you can also negotiate the fare before starting your ride. These ride-hailing services are available everywhere, from Jeddah to Mecca and Mecca to Medina. These ride-hailing apps are advantageous as they provide customer support in case of any emergency; to make your entire journey safe and reliable.

uber ride for umrah transportation

Book Private Company for your umrah

Medina is a 5-hour drive from Mecca and Jeddah, so traveling from Mecca to Medina via Taxi or local transport is not reliable and comfortable. In this regard, pilgrims have a couple of options to choose from;

  • 1 Fly directly in Medina 
  • 2 Use Private Company transport 

It takes only 3 hours if you fly directly to Medina, but you have to book your tickets in advance almost two weeks after your departure. 

Then comes the 2nd option of private companies which offer the most reliable and comfortable transport.

airplane transport for umrah

New high-speed Train

The New High-Speed Train is the latest launch by the Saudi government which lessens the time travel from Mecca to Medina to just 3 hours. The train is designed to run at the full speed of 300km/hr, but it mostly travels at 200 km/hr.  The ticket price for one person is only 150 SR. 

high speed train for umrah

VIP SAPTCO coaches

SAPTCO is the most economical and convenient mode of traveling owned by the Saudi government, and it stands for Saudi Arabia Public Transport Company. If you want to travel between Mecca and Medina, then SAPTCO is worth traveling. The ticket prices cost approximately 145 SR. The company offers two types of services; 

  • Local services
  • VIP services

VIP services are advisable because, in this mode, you will get refreshments; journeys are direct and take only 5 hours. The arrival and departure stop in Mecca is SAPTCO Al-Haram bus station, while in Medina, it is Madinah bus station.

SAPTCO Coaches for umrah

Sightseeing in Medina

If you want to explore historical places in Medina, then make sure to opt for Sightseeing buses that offer to visit 12 historical sites of the holy city, and their ticket prices are very budget-friendly. All you need to do is pay 70 Sr per person and unlock the beauty of Medina City.

Sightseeing buses


Umrah is an obligatory act for all Muslims around the world that fuels their soul with peace and satisfaction. In this regard, keeping your entire body fresh and healthy is also compulsory so that you can perform your Umrah perfectly according to the commands of Allah Almighty.  So, be wise in the selection of transport vehicles. A reliable and comfortable mode of transport during Umrah can make your entire journey smooth and enjoyable.

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